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If you cannot find the truth  right where you are, where else do you expect to find it? 
















I prefer, and am obliged as a psychotherapist registered with the UKCP, not to engage in the practice of placing 'Testimonials' in my advertising.

I adhere and support this directive whole heartedly.

From double glazing to those offering every therapy imaginable, only positive testimonials appear in their advertising. This leads to a misleading and unbalanced view of what is being offered. 

The mindfulness approach is about gaining clarity, insight and balanced view; chosen positive testimonials, whether authentic or not (very difficult to establish!) , do not sit well with this intent.

Reality check!

Scores of people have taken part in my courses over the last years. I receive a lot of very positive feedback. Sometimes feedback is neutral to positive and very occasionally slightly negative.  My colleagues around the country report similar experiences with the courses they run.  Research on trials and studies of the courses shows similar findings.

Negative feedback is mostly due to the time not being right for participants to engage in such a course, or not having orientated themselves well enough with what the course is about. In the case of trials on the courses, where participants are chosen randomly from doctors surgeries to take part, poor motivation is most likely to be the cause of negative feedback.

Motivation is never an issue on the courses I run. Attendance is high, almost 100%, right up to the end of the courses. Those who have read up on, reflected upon, signed up and paid for the course have already demonstrated a high level of motivation. They invariably benefit from the course.

If you do all that the course asks of you, with the right kind of attitude, you are likely to have a  very positive experience.  The old saying 'you get out of it what you put in' is certainly true.

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