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Putting time aside on  daily basis to sample the 'being' rather than the 'doing' mode is one of the most helpful gifts that people can give to themselves.

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The  next open mindfulness meditation retreat day serving Bath, Bristol and Wells area is at Ammerdown on the 7th of December, 2014.


 This is an ideal opportunity to:

  • deepen your mindfulness practice with the support of a group
  • learn more about the subtleties of the mindful approach
  • take time out from your familiar comfort zone, habitual existence or stressful circumstances
  • be with yourself in a nurturing way
  • meet and be with like minded people 
  • discover the effect of being in silence in a group 
  • hear how others are integrating mindfulness into their lives

Usual schedule of the retreat days

9.30am: The day begins with coffee/tea and a chance to get to know one another and the Centre.

10.00am: The formal day begins with brief introductions, a 20 minute meditation and small group discussions about mindfulness meditation (specific topics will be suggested).

The discussion is an opportunity to gain clarity on areas of the approach that may not have been fully understood or integrated into everyday life and formal practice. At the end of the discussion, which usually lasts approximately one hour,  silence will begin and be observed the rest of the day until 4.30pm.

12.45pm-1.30pm: Lunch There will be a shared lunch. Everybody brings something they want to eat with maybe a little more for others. Coffee and tea is provided. Cutlery/crockery etc’ is there for our use.

The afternoon:

 1.30pm -. Throughout the afternoon there will be set times for meditations to begin and end.  There will be no one leading the meditations. It won’t be necessary for participants to begin and end their meditations according to the times set. Participants come and go, quietly, as and when they wish.

Throughout the afternoon I will be free to meet up for one to one discussion with participants. At approximately 15 minutes per discussion this will allow for nine one to ones.

4.45 Brief loving kindness meditation to end the day at 5.00pm

It is best to dress in comfortable layers so that you can adjust for feeling warm or cold. Loose clothing is advised for mindfulness movement meditation. Waterproof clothing and foot wear may be necessary as we try and use the beautiful grounds for some of our practices. Please bring a mat, cushion for neck support and a blanket.

As with all the mindfulness practices, as best you can, come along with an open mind, experience the day as it unfolds and reflect on the day afterwards.

For Counselling & Psychotherapy please click on:  www.mindfulapproach.co.uk