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“Mindfulness practice is simple and completely feasible. Just by sitting and doing nothing, we are doing a tremendous amount.”













Mindfulness plays a central role in Buddhist meditation. It is the practice of holding one's awareness of what is sensed, with one or more of the senses, in the present moment in a particular way. The  contents of consciousness; that is physical sensations, thoughts/imagery, emotions, mind states, sounds, visual apprehensions, odours or tastes, are held in awareness in a calm, accepting and neutral manner.

 Mindfulness is also practiced outside of the formal meditation practice at any time, place and anywhere. It can change the nature of how we experience ourselves, others and the world. The practice of mindfulness is one of the elements of Buddhist practice necessary for gaining insight and wisdom to lead a better life.

As we learn through meditation to recognize the kinds of thoughts that distract, mislead, anger, or otherwise trouble us, we can then let go of them earlier and more efficiently during the times when we’re not meditating. We can exercise more conscious control over our moment-to-moment desires as well as our moods, and best of all, we can interact with people more smoothly, skilfully, compassionately, and constructively.

Practicing mindfulness meditation on a regular basis cultivates a deeper sense of calm, stability and centredness in our lives. The occasional 'remedial' practice of meditation has the potential to bring about a marked restorative effect to how we feel. However, regular meditation has an accumulative effect that brings about greater stability, calm and resilience to the difficulties that we encounter in life.

The courses are non-religious in content and facilitated in a secular way. However, they do have at their core some of the most important of Buddhist teachings which generally reflect similar teachings of the other major religions.  It seems fair to say we are dealing with the laws of human nature, of cause and effect; hold a  certain attitude to what's going on and you will feel a certain way. Meditation experience can mirror life experience and be a very good teacher.

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