Mindfulness Courses

Bath, Bristol and Wells

John Waller  UKCP reg. psychotherapist




Mindfulness courses for all kinds of people.


  Bath, Bristol & Wells group courses suspended this year.






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suspended for this year.








Individual mindfulness courses

After 12years of teaching mindfulness MBCT group courses I'm now devoting my time to individual private courses.

I meet with participants once a week to guide them through the course and course sessions. Individual sessions afford the opportunity to talk in detail about how the concepts and techniques of mindfulness practice are applicable to each individual's issues.

By learning how to meditate, mindfulness teaches you new ways to handle negative thoughts, low moods and emotions.  The individual mindfulness course includes elements from a happiness course specifically designed to motivate you and improve your mood.  Combining the most effective elements of both courses can lift your mood quickly, prevent it from slipping down again and lessen stressed and anxious states.

Of course you donít need to be depressed, stressed or anxious to benefit from this course.  Most of us would like to be able to manage our emotions better, feel happier and better about our lives.  Practising mindfulness and realising that we all have the capacity to be happy can enhance our experience of living.

A Note of Caution

Mindfulness meditation can be very powerful because it involves paying careful attention to experiences Ė thoughts, feelings, sensations Ė that often we try to ignore. Whilst this can be extremely helpful, we need to be able to deal with what might arise in meditation. Before starting to meditate itís sensible to be reasonably self-aware and then to learn from an experienced practitioner in a safe environment.  

Some recent (2016) press articles have rightly pointed out that meditation can lead to disturbing experiences. Mindfulness is not the same as relaxation Ė itís about being awake to your experiences, not putting them aside.  As an experienced UKCP registered psychotherapist as well as mindfulness practitioner, I help you decide whether or not the 8-week course is right for you at this time.  This is why I ask you to make time for a detailed conversation before youíre accepted on the course.   If I donít think that Mindfulness is right for you, I can suggest alternative ways of managing the difficulties that led you to apply - such as individual therapy, perhaps with me or a trusted colleague.  Many people subsequently find a Mindfulness practice invaluable in maintaining the work theyíve done in therapy.


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